Bob Martin
ASIN: B00P150EE6
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 47

Bob Martin is an Expat Entrepreneur, in fact, Bob is the original Expat Entrepreneur. Bob has the skills to make a good income no matter where in the world he goes!If you are thinking of moving to a different country for a little adventure, or maybe you want to become location independent and move around the world any time you want to, then Bob's book series is for you! This book series is called Expat Answerman: Expat Income.In Bob's 17+ years of living in overseas locations one thing that he has come to realize is that it is not easy to earn an income when you are in a new country. So many expats fail for the primary reason that they don't have enough money for a successful life in their destination of choice. Maybe you are starting out with a significant wad of cash, but that will quickly disappear if you don't have money coming in.Over Bob's years living abroad he has learned how to ...
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