Neil McFarlane
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 47

A modern-day 'fractured fairy tale' of flatulence, friendship and fun!People think that Jupiter is the biggest gas giant in the solar system but Tom knows better ...THE STORYTom is just an ordinary boy in an ordinary town until one day he finds a dirty old teapot. He gives it a rub and out pops ... the genie of the lamp!Hurrah! Huzzah! And Hip Hip Hooray!Only it's not a genie; it's a giant. Tom was hoping for three wishes but instead he's lumbered with a hulking great lummox who turns out to be completely useless.Isn't there anything this giant is good for?*****************************************************EXCERPT"See my new flea," said Becky Wilkinson."Your new what?" I said."Flea. Look." And she held out her hand for me to see, and in the middle of her palm was a tiny black dot. "He can do tricks, like walking on a tightrope," said Becky."No way," I said."Yes way," said Becky. ...
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