Bill Davis
Publisher: Bill Davis
Pages: 42

In this 4th book in the series, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging, you will learn how to generate targeted traffic to your blog using tried-and-true strategies and tactics from a blogging pro.You want your target audience to find your blog. This book will show you how. From more passive concepts like search engine optimization (SEO) to more active concepts like paid traffic, you will learn a variety of methods for driving qualified traffic to your blog.The biggest obstacle that any blogger faces is traffic, or the lack thereof. Most bloggers spend a lot of time creating content and are then disappointed by very little readership.The reason? Focus. You focused on the wrong things. You need to spend a lot more time promoting your blog than building it. In fact, some of the blogs with the highest traffic don’t produce a lot of content. You will, however, find references (i.e., links) to their ...
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