Patricia Benson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 56

Homemade Soap : The Simple Soap Making Guide for Beginners! Discover How to Easily Make Gorgeous Looking & Beautifully Scented Homemade Soap! The concept of homemade soaps is gaining popularity because people have realized the goodness of homemade soaps. They are homemade, easy to make and also free of chemicals. These chemical free soaps are a boon for old and young alike especially for babies and children who have tender and delicate skin.Handmade soaps may not appeal to the eye, but there is nothing to beat their goodness. One can be creative. These make lovely gifts for your near and dear ones. The great thing about them is that the various ingredients and fragrances can be mixed and matched. This big list of tutorials and recipes has everything from using grated bars of ready made soaps to whipping them up from scratch. This eBook is designed to give you simple recipes for homemade ...
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