Bernard Lee DeLeo
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 378

#1 Bestselling Action Series. Read for FREE with Kindle UnlimitedNick McCarty’s new boss opens the keys to the kingdom for the coldest blooded killer he’s ever met. Deciding when fighting psychopathic murderers and terrorist cells hell bent on America’s destruction, there is one old football cliché that fits – winning isn’t everything… it’s the only thing. Nick’s book tour turns into a bloody rampage, leaving little doubt he embraces his boss’s new management style. Returning to his Pacific Grove refuge with family and friends, Nick decides to bring his deadly business more into the open… and business is good.The Cold Blooded Assassin SeriesCold Blooded 1Cold Blooded 2: Killer MovesCold Blooded 3: Sins and SanctionsCold Blooded 4: Bloody ShadowsCold Blooded 5: Nightmare in RedCold Blooded 6: Red HorizonCold Blooded 7: Hell on EarthCold Blooded 8: Rule of ...
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