Bart Hopkins
Publisher: Human Ingenuity Press
Pages: 288

The lives of five strangers will collide because of social media. Some of those new digital connections will be good ... others will be terrifying.You’ll meet Greg, a realtor whose success stems from his Internet savvy. His tweets are re-tweeted a hundred times and thousands follow his blog.Then there’s Paul, who stumbles on an old crush while Facebooking. Through research of her online habits, he arranges a “chance” meeting so they can fall in Like with each other.Martin is a cancer survivor with renewed purpose in life thanks to a supportive social media family.LIKE is a selfie of modern times ... a tapestry of people and events woven together with this era’s most abundant thread: social media.“With one Like I can say hi to a friend, support them during a crisis, share in a joke, make someone happy, or reinforce a person’s self-esteem. I make myself part of their ...
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