Sean Michael Hayes
ASIN: B00PM987W2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 282

A Modern Quest for an Ancient Remedy.... If you enjoy a fast-paced read and a true story, Five Weeks in the Amazon is the book for you . It's packed with humor, full of unexpected twists and there is never any way to know how it will end. Author Sean Michael Hayes has written a book in a similar style to current blockbuster success, Cheryl Strayed's "Wild". His adventure puts him face to face with universal problems that we all must overcome in life. His search is a desperate attempt at something he has fought for since first being diagnosed with depression--how to live a happy life.Hayes presents solutions which seem like wins not just for himself, but for the reader that's right there with him. Want to find out what happened to a backpacker that hiked alone into the Amazon jungle to live with a shaman?EXCERPT"At the beginning of the ceremony, nobody knows how the Ayahuasca will ...
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