Dick Sutphen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 249

If you love someone in the present, chances are you have been together before ... in another time, another place!Love is the most powerful force in the universe ... time, birth, death and rebirth can never separate those who are destined to be together. World-famous psychic researcher and renouned Hypnotherapist/Trainer and Seminar Leader, Dick Sutphen, has devoted his remarkable career to perfecting the technique of regressive hypnosis, in which subjects relive past incarnations.These actual word-for-word transcripts of hypnotic sessions reveal how soulmates are reunited time after time ... how each life provides a unique opportunity to create positive karma and journey towards perfect love and harmony.In this Anniversary Edition of his million-copy best-seller, Dick has remastered his original book published in 1976.
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