Adriana Sobi-Wilderman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 54

If you want to learn various Pranayama and Ujjayi breathing exercises and enjoy the numerous physical, emotional, and mental benefits of practicing breath control, then this book is for you!If you’ve ever taken classes in meditation or hatha yoga, then chances are you’ve heard the word “pranayama” mentioned at some point or another. Other similar terms include “breath control,” “pranic breathing,” “yoga breathing,” and “energy expansion.” Whatever the case, they’re generally referring to the same thing. Prana is the Sanskrit word for “breath” or “life force,” but it can also mean “vital energy,” as well as “spirit.” Ayama means “to extend” or “to draw out,” though it can also mean “restraint,” “control,” or even “stopping,” in some cases. There are proven mental, emotional, and physical rewards for those who practice pranayama. The relationship between breath and the autonomic nervous ...
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