Gloria Gay
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Pages: 342

As the phaeton pulled away and Lady Rolande motioned to her driver to proceed, Hedra sighed audibly."What a man,"she said, referring to Lord Arandale. "To be married to such a man would be happiness indeed!""I would not be married to him for all the gold of Croesus," said Cecilia, turning away in disgust. "He is a stranger to propriety.""Oh, don't be a fuddy-duddy, Cecilia, you're just gamboling me. Of course you would jump at the chance of becoming the Countess of Arandale. Who wouldn't?""I assure you I would not.""Mama, would not Cecilia jump at the chance of becoming a countess? Bear me out.""Girls...this bickering," protested Lady Rolande. "We came here to see and be seen.You are wasting valuable time.""Cecilia is false in pretending she would not want to become a countess. I cannot believe it for a moment, can you, Mama?""Hedra, hush.""Cecilia. You do not answer. Have you heard ...
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