Set Sytes
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 67

When you leave the paths of light, you fall and you fall forever.A man finds a woman crouched over the body of her murdered father. The man is hallucinating on a liquid drug called violet, and offers it as a promise of escape. The woman, numb with shock and grief, takes it and soon finds herself in a 'beautiful nightmare', the shadowy world of the violet dark. They ride the endless roads on motorbikes, lost in the drug and almost lost to reality... Terrible, grotesque things are hunting them. If only she could convince herself that the danger was all in her head...- The Violet Dark is a short novella by the author of the twisted dystopian thriller Moral Zero. You don't want to miss this hallucinogenic road horror. A toxic love song to darkness itself, this book is guaranteed to make you see things that aren't there - or perhaps they are...
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