Helga Stipa Madland
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Pages: 202

The first part of my book concentrates on my family's (sister, mother father) experiences during and after World War II. We lived in Upper Silesia, now a part of Poland; when the war came to an end and the Russian Army moved into Eastern Germany. We became refugees, fleeing to West Germany, along with many other people. As a six year old--my sister Ingrid was four --I was terrified; so were the adults. In the middle of air raid attacks -- bombings, sirens, we barely missed the bombing of Dresden -- we moved west by any means possible. Ultimately, after my father had escaped as a prisoner of war, we settled in West Germany and later emigrated to the United States.The second half of my reminiscences/memoir describes the years after my graduation from high school-- marriage, children, divorce, later graduate school, and and ends in 1981, at which time I accepted a position as an assistant ...
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