J. S. Lewis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 132

Based on real events.A FAMILY DRAMA THAT HIT’S HOMEA GROUNDBREAKING PASSIONATE STORYTHE MOST CONTROVERSIAL AND COMPELLING TALE OF A GENERATIONTHE #1 KINDLE BESTSELLING AUTHORWhen 15 year old Jamar Carty’s mother and step-father refuses to accept him due to their religious intolerance; he attempts suicide to find peace, solace and the acceptance his heart yearns for. Worried about his son’s well-being, district attorney Joseph Carty flies him half-way across the world to start life over with him and his beautiful, blond, pale skin wife and stepson, Jevaughn Wilson; a self-absorbed 16 year old boy tormented by demons of his own and obviously prefers his own company and will make no exception for Jamar.Jamar begins to painfully understand that his new life in Washington wasn’t as exciting as he thought and he expects school to be just as dull.But in spite of his awkward manner and ...
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