Nicole O'Dell
ASIN: B00Q171O60
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 222

“Just try it one time. It won’t hurt you.”High school junior and avid swimmer Kate Walker has decided to try something new this year. She leaves the comfort and freedom of open water and secures a spot on her school’s swim team. She soon becomes obsessed with practice and excelling at the championships in pursuit of a college scholarship.When Kate’s friends encourage her to do something illegal to get through her events at the most important swim meet of her life, she must choose between letting down her teammates by doing the right thing or risking it all no matter the consequences.What will Kate do? What will YOU do?Making Waves is part of the What Now? collection where teens like you get to make the choices about hot topics like drinking, relationships, stealing, drugs, cheating, and purity. Written especially for girls like you facing difficult decisions and lots of peer ...
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