Don Trey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 116

A thrilling, fantasy, adventure with lavish colour illustrations, perfect for readers 9+Knight Blazer to Warrior Princess. A pure Pegasus. A loyal Dragon.In a world where evil is getting stronger and darkness is rising, new hope is needed. Raiden‘s frustration is to prove himself worthy. Arisha’s impatience is reaching her objective. Can they overcome their animosity towards each other and come together as a team to fulfil their destiny? Will they save the world from the growing influence of the Dark Lady?Meet the heroic team – Raiden, Arisha, Freya and Grafor!You’ll love Knight Blazer: Sword of Esoncia because it’s filled with fast-paced action, mystery and suspense, with captivating characters that will enchant you.Get the 1st book in this 3-part series for FREE today!‘This book reminded me again of that magical feeling of the 'Narnian' books’‘Every chapter leaves you ...
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