Paul Kendall
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 26

Ever wondered why some people simply WILL NOT receive your help? It may be that they are simply not ready to accept yours or anyone's help. Continue to try and you will find yourself exhausted and frustrated. But how do you know if a person is a candidate for your help or not? I've made the answer to that question very simple and clear in this short booklet (approximately 2,500 words) by describing the Ten People You Cannot Help. This teaching has received the most interest and response of all my Family Matters radio programs over the past fifteen years. Listeners and readers have found great insight and comfort when they discover WHY their friends and loved ones are not responding to their attempts to help--and--learning the signs of when that person IS ready to receive their help.The point of this book is not to kick people to the curb, but to identify when they are ready to receive ...
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