Anne Carmichael
ASIN: B00Q2E99M8
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 164

A twist of fate returns Goo and his brother Frank to the place where their lives began in a discarded wooden crate in an alleyway. Both cats have beaten the odds and become comfortable in their respective homes – Frank in Brooklyn, NY with his mate Giselle and Goo in New Jersey. Life has not been so kind to Goo’s mate, Olivia, who with her deaf sister, Abigail, struggle to raise three raucous little tom cats in an abandoned warehouse in South Philadelphia. If only Goo were there to save them now as they are faced with a crisis that threatens their lives.Hold on to your seats for an adventure of a lifetime as Goo and Frank must, once again, join forces to challenge the adversary that threatens all they hold dear.
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