Amy Cliber
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 281

Helena is just trying to get through a night tending bar on the anniversary of the worst day of her life. When a ridiculously handsome stranger walks in, with turquoise eyes and a dangerous smile, she thinks her evening may be looking up. But things have a way of going from worse. Suddenly her world is exploding. Literally. Whisked away by her mysterious rescuer to a world beyond her craziest dreams, filled with circus performers and warriors with unbelievable powers, Helena is soon being chased by minions from hell, out of a job, and looking for answers. From the woods of northern Pennsylvania to the Fountain of Youth, paradise may not be what it seems and her growing attraction to her new-found hero is complicated by more than just Demons. With her life in danger and the future of her new world in question, Helena must decide. Is she ready to embrace her destiny and fight for ...
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