S. W. White
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 239

Sixteen-year-old Ashley dreams of being a professional ballerina and dating the handsome and mysterious new student, Drake. But her ballet instructor rejects her, and Drake is interested one moment, then avoids her the next.Ash is at her wits' end when a stranger comes to town – her long lost Aunt Elsbeth – with an incredible tale. Ash's natural grace and beauty are no accidents, because she belongs to a nameless sisterhood of mystical warriors who use speed, stealth, deception, and seduction to pursue a centuries-old mission.Elsbeth shares the secret wisdom contained in The Nine Wiles, the source of power for the sisterhood. Ash's life takes a supernatural turn as she uses her new abilities to get close to Drake.But Drake has secrets of his own. His father is head of the clandestine organization bent on stopping the sisterhood and dominating all the nations of the Earth. And when ...
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