Stephen Arseneault
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 254

The New Alliance continues to crumble. Exiled in the Omega sector, Knog Beutcher finds out just how far from perfect the sector has become. Corruption abounds as his ten year sentence begins. Can one person make a difference? Can he survive long enough to attempt a rescue of Joni Salton? Find out as his time in the dystopian Omega sector takes hold!OMEGA Guardian is the second exciting book of this epic adventure. If you have yet to begin reading this series you will want to begin with the first book--OMEGA Exile. Grab your copy today!What are readers saying about this series?--I am a long time (60+ years) Sci Fi fan and Stephen Arseneault is my new favorite Science Fiction author!! I would rank him right up there with Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov for story telling and imaginative story lines.----Great Sequel to SODIUM and AMP Series----I liked it so much, I purchased the remaining ...
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