Max Smith
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 28

POWER HABIT: Recipe for Life HacksLet's face it. We are all creatures of habit. Our habits will decide whether we are discouragedThis book is about learning to change, and take control over your life: getting rid of the bad things in life, and instead replacing anything bad with good habits, plus developing and strengthening your already existing good points. Change is difficult, but it can happen and the benefits of deciding to change will make it worth it. By taking control of your habits, you’ll become healthier, happier and more successful.While reading POWER HABIT, you will learn the following useful information, and even more:The three stages of the development of a habitA "workbook" approach to understanding how to break your own bad habitsThree simple steps to developing a good habitFive steps to analyze either a bad habit or a good oneThe ten habits that matter most to ...
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