Stephen Merlino
Publisher: Tortoise Rampant Press
Pages: 352

EPIC FANTASY ADVENTURE SERIES"Stephen Merlino is a complete storyteller--a writer with wonderful ideas, surprising twists, a complex and enviable style, all of which culminates with a powerful emotional climax. It really doesn't get better!" —David Farland, New York Times Bestselling fantasy author * * *"The first volume in Stephen Merlino's 'The Unseen Moon' series, The Jack of Souls is a terrific read from beginning to end and clearly establishes Merlino as a master of the fantasy action/adventure genre. Highly recommended for community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections..." —MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW * * *"This is a book where characters are on a clock and the stakes are high. Comparisons could easily be drawn with the works of Tolkien or Martin... Merlino weaves a tale of swords and sorcery that somehow finds new ways to take readers down the well-worn path ...
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