Marata Eros
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 265

50 Shades meets Beautiful Disaster, in a provocative and heart-wrenching tale about a virgin stripper with a tragic secret, a dangerous past, and a complex billionaire.From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love.Praise for TT 4-6:" ... This is a fantastic read and I couldn't put it down all 8. The emotions expressed are so real..." - GinnyFine".... You can not help but be once again propelled into the tumultuous emotions, heart ache and complete awe of the strength Faren displays. Just when I thought I had my emotions under check, Eros sends us into tears of a totally different nature. That being said, lets not forget the quirky, fun and snarkiness that perfectly balances the gut wrenching heart ache..." - Beth H"... The Token 6 is Nothing like any of the previous Token novels in the fact that everything you think you know - you don't!! An amazing Finale, I look ...
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