Lisa Kovanda
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 69

All Jaycee wants for Christmas is a snowplow. It’s supposed to be like any other shift for Jaycee Roberts. Yeah, a twelve-hour overnight at a small exclusive hospice facility, where the few patients who can’t twist a doctor’s arm to go home for the holiday vacation remain, but then she’d get to be home in time for Christmas Eve with her kids, twelve—going on twenty—Clarissa and eight-year-old video game expert Jake. It would be their first Christmas as a trio since her marriage to always-in-the-office real estate developer, the wealthy Derek, fell apart nine months ago. They’d separated, and he was conveniently out of town on business over the holidays—again. What Jaycee doesn’t know is that Derek has his own holiday agenda, and it involves convincing her to give him a second chance. He just needs her to finish her shift and make it home before he gets there. The predicted white ...
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