John C. Borg
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 83

Financial Freedom By Following The Best Personal Finance Investing Advice Available will show the reader just how simple Investing can really be. Furthermore, by following the teachings in this book, an investor should be able to outperform 85% of all the investing pros! Financial Independence through a retirement income that beats the average salary of a worker in the United States, is something that can be had just by following the wisdom outlined in this book.If you seek investment advice on how to invest for your future, then you have come to the right place. The author will show you just how profitable Investing with the use of Index Funds can be plus:A review of investing basics and finance that everyone should knowThe magic of compoundingThe correct way to save and investThe correct way to withdraw from your investmentsHow to beat 85% of the pros without being an expert stock ...
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