J. Scott Nelson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 263

Willa Harmon can't seem to catch a break. Her ex-girlfriend is a freaking psycho who just wants to pull Willa back into her web of needfulness. Willa doesn’t need the distraction, her life is complicated enough.Using security work as a cover to keep her real job secret, Willa falls in on a gang of drug smugglers. Which leads to the Navy’s rescuing and resuscitating her. Her use of an illegal gun to signal for help, destroys a multi billion dollar launch system, putting her in the FBI’s cross hairs not to mention the assassins. Politicians want to use her but that would mean facing the gun charge and bring her into the open.A handful of people know her real job is developing the next generation of technology that will take humanity to the stars. But every effort she makes draws unwanted attention. Keeping her secret may be as vital to humanity's future as it is to hers.The Havoc ...
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