Eden Smiles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 28

Jim is a buff cop at war with his own criminal tendencies. He puts away bad guys in the daytime and makes love to them at night.After a big bust, Jim is rewarded with a trip to Rio, where local cops struggle to stem the tide of drugs.During a practice raid, Jim gives special attention to Daniel, a cocky young detective who is too gorgeous to be true. The man is a jaguar on two legs: beautiful, elusive, powerful and smart. Jim wants him, but he doesn’t trust him.A billionaire patron of the force throws a wild party for Jim and Daniel. Booze flows. Hormones surge. Daniel gets cheeky with Jim. Passion explodes. But this isn’t a hookup. This is romance.And now Daniel wants to come back to the States.Is it love or sabotage?TRAINING GAY features interracial sex, group sex, graphic sex.
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