Julia Wilson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 50

The Power Of Change: Change Your Habits, Identify Your Goals, And Realize Your DreamsThe level of our success, or our failure is rooted in our habits - whether good or bad.This book is about introducing changes to your life by building good habits – what exactly you need to succeed in life. It is about propelling your life to the next level of success – but not through simple motivation or inspiration. The book explains that what you need to succeed in life is to harness the power of change within you and create the same habits that have propelled successful people to greater heights. The book will show you how to replace bad habits with the good habits: re-inventing a new “you” who is primed for success.In The Power Of Change, you will learn:How the brain's internal effort to be more efficient affects our habits, both good and badWhy will power alone may not be enough to eliminate that ...
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