Joel Comm
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 62

Does a picture really say 1000 words? In the case of a photoquote on social media, it can say even more! New York Times Best-Selling Author and Social Media Expert Joel Comm gives proof in the world's first coffee-table digital book featuring inspirational, educational and entertaining photoquotes that he has personally used on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. As a leading New Media Marketing Strategist, Joel believes that authenticity and sincerity are essential qualities for any business, brand or individual to leverage the power of social media. Photoquotes are a great way to engage with your audience to share your thoughts or the quotes of others. This collection of more than 50 photoquotes will spur your creativity, touch your heart and make you laugh. You'll be inspired to create your own as you engage with your social media followers and friends.
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