Charles Freund
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 248

Maxwell Finch decides to take his desperately ill brother, Tommy, to the shopping mall so that Tommy can tell Santa Claus his Christmas wish. Max enlists the help of his friend Lydia and together, they intend to present a three-powered wish asking Santa to help Tommy. The trip is a disaster; they never make it out of the backyard and are almost caught by Max's mother who comes home early due to a fierce snow storm. Max and Lydia head off without Tommy and reach the mall. While in line to to see Santa, their fear that they will be spotted by schoolmates and their fear that the mall Santa is a fake, come true. Max and Lydia lose all hope.As they sit on a bench discussing what to do next, the lights grow dim, all becomes quiet, then suddenly, there's a stiff puff of air from behind. Out of nowhere, Willoughby, the real Santa Claus' brother, appears via his latest invention, the ...
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