Kathie M. Thomson
ASIN: B00R40R78W
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Pages: 52

Are you ready to improve your communication skills?Ready to become great at it?We all have to communicate, like it or not! And reading on how to improve it, with practice, will make you the best of the best!Communication is at the core of human evolution. There are three main areas in which we interact with other people that are covered:1. In our personal relationships -this could be our husband, wife or partner, family members, and friends – new or old.2. At work – most of the world’s population is working, and we’re working with people we probably wouldn’t freely choose to. Communication can play a key role in navigating the work environment in your favour. 3. Day to day life - dealing with people on a general level should be the least of your worries such as grocery shopping, managing finances, fixing up your home, but sometimes it can turn out to be the most stressful part ...
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