Matthew Guay
Publisher: Zapier Inc.
Pages: 134

Everything you need to know about CRMs, from the basics of managing your contacts with a CRM to picking a CRM for your team and integrating it with the software you're already usingManaging your contacts didn’t used to be so difficult. When you started your business, you had a handful of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses.Things change. That’s good: business is growing and you have more people than ever to keep track of. You need a CRM—a Customer Relationship Management app—to help you keep track of everyone.First, though, you need to learn a bit about CRMs. That's where this guide comes in.This guide will teach you what CRMs are for, and will walk you through the best features of dozens of the most popular CRM apps. It'll then help you find ways to put a CRM to use in your business with tips from other teams and ...
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