Jean L. Kuhnke
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 121

Birdie spends his days helping a cobbler that found him on his doorstep when he was five. He was dirty and hungry. The cobbler fed him and schooled him because his mother worked at the local brothel and was he was not allowed in school. When Birdie was twelve, the natural biological changes forced his mother to reveal that Birdie was really Birgitta, a girl, but now she couldn't stay at the brothel. Turning to the cobbler with her dilemma, he convinces her mother to sign guardianship papers before she dies of the hazards of her occupation. Birgitta finds that her real father and twin brother had been searching for her for the past twelve years. Can she leave the cobbler who she now calls grandpa to move to Colorado with her father and brother? Will she ever fit in with other young ladies?
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