Stephen J. Beard
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 180

Can a normal family survive The Zombie Apocalypse?After the devastating loss he suffers trying to get his family to safety, Ryan Knight is not himself. Zombies are everywhere. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon the land. But there is a safe haven: Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Unreachable except by boat, the fort is safe from zombies. But, not people.Supplies are limited and harder to get now that they live on an island. Zombies roam the streets of Mount Pleasant. Downtown Charleston is overrun with zombies. And their numbers are growing.After another devastating loss during a supply run, a group of survivors arrive at Fort Sumter looking for shelter. They seem like good people and good fighters. Ryan is forced to make a choice. Can he trust people again? Or, are other humans the biggest threat during the Zombie Apocalypse?Ryan Knight is not a Navy SEAL nor an Army Ranger. He’s just ...
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