Liz Lah
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 172

Coding For Kids: Colorful Story book teaches computer programming concepts to kids as young as 4!Computer science knowledge is going to be super important for the future generation. Get your child started on the coding journey.Don't know coding? Don't sweat - we have simplified the concepts. Prior Coding knowledge is NOT needed.We have taken a lot of care to teach your child coding. Even the characters are named after programming terms!This book has 4 stories, each focusing on a specific concept.Json, Jazz & Ruby the robot are 3 curious pals who live in Codezilla town.They solve challenges using their coding ability.They code dance moves to help Ruby win the dance competition , they hire Mr.SHA the spray painting password lock to secure their treasure. Sometimes their coding experimentation leaves a kitchen full of overflowing soup , but no worries - they know how to get things right. ...
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