Eden Smiles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 29

Jim is a buff cop at war with his own criminal tendencies. He puts away bad guys by day and sleeps with them at night.In Rio, Jim met the love of his life, a narcotics detective named Daniel. Now consulting for the NYPD, Daniel is a boon to Jim’s unit. The lovers close cases left and right. Their romance reaches undreamed-of heights.Until the DEA abducts them from their apartment in cuffs and hoods.It turns out Daniel’s as much a criminal as he is a cop. And Jim’s superiors have negotiated a secret deal with a treacherous cartel boss.Jim knows it's bad news. He’s angry at Daniel and ashamed of his own naiveté. He seeks to atone for his mistakes. And Jim is in luck. The kindly officer who led the apartment abduction, Lucien, is Family. He's bigger and badder than Jim. Lucien may be willing to heal this hurting detective with the strong medicine his soul craves.The story ...
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