Eric Bergreen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 255

It’s the summer of 1982 and in Corona, California four boys find themselves doing what all boys normally do during a school break; exploring, playing ball and collecting bottles from a construction site in order to cash them in for money. Steve, Jason, Cory and Ricky have lived on the same street for years and have played there, carefree ever since. But when a serial killer invades their small city they find themselves caught up in a series of grisly murders that brings them face to face with a menace that the authorities have named: the Sesame Street Killer.The oldest, Steve, reads the others the newspaper articles depicting the killings and after the second girl goes missing they find themselves exploring a massive California pepper tree and stumble upon a lost dog that proves to be more than it seems. Its beautiful, golden eyes seem to see more than the boys themselves can.Steve ...
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