Eric Unruh
ASIN: B00RE0B684
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Pages: 42

Important: This book is intended to be an affordable, quick read for parents, teachers, relatives or others interested in understanding what childhood ADHD is all about. This book purposefully does not go into parenting strategies. PLEASE NOTE: If you would like the same information found in this book AND parenting strategies for childhood ADHD, please consider our newly released book "ADHD! What's Next? Parenting Strategies for Home and School." If you don't need the parenting strategies part and you simply want to learn or educate others on childhood ADHD, then this is the right book for you!Many books simply repeat or paraphrase ADHD from the diagnostic manual. This book describes how ADHD looks in day to day life, making ADHD much more understandable. Reviews state: - "This book is s quick read, right to the point, and paints a CLEAR picture of one with ADHD." - Reviewer ...
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