Morris Fenris
Publisher: Changing Culture Publications
Pages: 104

Jenna Baxter has seen more tragedy in her twenty-three years than a lot of people see in their lifetime.She spent six years trying to get over being abandoned by everyone she knew and cared for.Now, her father has passed away, and she is required to return to her hometown to take care of his final estate.When Trey Cottrell sees Jenna standing in his office, he’s instantly attracted to her, yet he can’t escape the guilt he feels when he finds out how horrible the last few years have been for her.As Jenna navigates the emotional rollercoaster of discovering she hasn’t been forgotten, will she be able to let go of the past and trust God to help her find her path forward?Or will she hang onto her anger and hatred and allow it to ruin what should be a homecoming to beat all?Join Jenna and Trey as they begin their journey of having to deal with the past, as well as figure out how to proceed ...
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4 stars from 83 ratings Rating:
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