Casper Stith
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Pages: 76

***WARNING: THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER – PLEASE ONLY READ IF ABLE TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION***My name is Casper Stith.I am writing to you from the future. Please do not mistake this writing for a piece of fiction.You have no idea of the carnage, mayhem, and suffering that awaits.While “preppers” are on the right track, no one is truly prepared for what is about to transpire.I will take you through the meltdown of the global financial system, and the ensuing period of hell on earth. The rich become poor and the world as we know it ceases to exist.The illusion of reality is shattered. The decade that follows will come to be described as “the dark years.” A small percentage survive.Once 'order' is restored, the human race becomes enslaved through a system of surveillance, thought control, and fear. The human spirit is under attack and losing the war.If you are ...
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