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OVER 13, 000 PAGES OF QUESTIONS! THE ULTIMATE QUIZ BOOK!Test your knowledge of four of the greatest television shows in recent memory with Interactive TV Trivia Quiz Volume 1. Sons of Anarchy, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire.The questions are multiple choice. A wrong answer takes you back to the question, a correct one moves you forward. It’s simple but addictive. You have been warned! The questions are designed for casual fans and for people who have seen all the episodes many times over, read everything there is to read, heard all the commentaries there are to hear and feel that there is nothing they don’t know about their favorite show. The game can be played solo on any number of devices but is also perfect for a group event, with a mixed bag of easy, medium and difficult questions that should stimulate and tantalize all fans. The questions get increasingly ...
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