Glenda D. Quinto
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 101

From the moment we’re born, our emotions begin to define us. As we grow, we direct those emotions both inward and outward. Some feelings reflect on our innermost lives—our sense of self. Many others reflect on those around us—our families, romantic partners, friends, and professional colleagues. At times, these emotions can be overwhelming. But if we are to live fulfilled lives, we must learn to holistically manage, and reap the benefits of, healthy internal and external relationships. In her new book, Emotions Simplified: A Practical Self-Help Workbook, personal growth specialist Glenda D. Quinto presents an easy-to-follow workbook for managing this emotional growth, and reaching your greatest potential. She focuses on the most important facets of our emotional lives, including self, family, love partners, friends, and colleagues. With each analysis, she guides you toward a better ...
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