Sylvia Perrini
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 334

SHOCKING CASES OF PARENTS WHO HAVE KILLED THEIR CHILDRENKILLER PARENTS: TRUE CRIMEOne of the hardest things someone can live through is the loss of a child; after all, children are not supposed to die before their parents do. It goes against the natural order of things. Therefore, it is unimaginable that someone would want to take the life of their own child or children. Unfortunately, this type of heinous act is something that has occurred multiple times over in the history of the United States and United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. Of all the hideous violent crimes that are committed, the murder of one’s own children, one’s own flesh and blood, are the most baffling. The majority of parents, thank goodness, would do anything to protect their children and would even die to save their children. So for a parent to look at his or her child, perhaps hear their pleas and cries ...
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