Domenic Costa
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 38

Now let’s go make some money!!!! *INTRODUCTION* I earn an extra $100-150.00+ dollars (US) per month without any super human effort, money, or fuel “Hustling For Cash Money With Metal Recycling!” It’s true and I do! This is all done with my short drive to work (4 miles one way) and back! This book will teach you about our most recycled metals and plastics that are recycled for cash! You can hustle for cash money with metal recycling and it is easy! When you change how you look at the world, it is amazing how things that were invisible to you once before will suddenly appear right before your eyes! This thought process of thinking about what you want to see and then seeing it will change your life!!!! Every time I see an abandoned refrigerator on my drive home I see a $10 bill US (at the current rate of 4 to 8 cents per pound). I see more recyclables ($s) than I ever did before! ...
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