Sam Siv
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 72

Fix your marital problems with proven strategies and bring your relationship back to newlyweds againDo you think your marriage is boring? A wedding is a magical experience but marriage takes a lot of work. If you want to keep your spouse happy, then you must be willing to exert effort that can help bring back romance in your lives. Marriage can be fun, exciting and full of adventure. Your spouse is not your enemy. Your days don’t need to be filled with misunderstandings and shouting matches! This book can change your life in so many ways! You can have a more peaceful home and a much happier family. Are you ready to bring back love in your life?Here Is A Preview...*Learn why marriages fail *Learn to identify danger signs in a marriage*Learn to understand your spouse’s language of love*Learn how to communicate well with your spouse *Learn the most effective ways to fight with your ...
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