Jenna Grey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 193

Twenty-year-old Sophie Miller’s life has been an unusual one by anyone’s standards ‒ and it’s about to get a whole lot stranger. Since the death of her parents at the age of eight, Sophie has lived with her eccentric aunt Megan, a self-styled witch, who runs a ‘new age’ emporium in the heart of England’s West Country. Sophie has grown up believing that where magic is concerned anything is possible; she has seen things that most people would never dream of in their wildest imaginings and lived to tell the tale. When she meets a handsome and rather eccentric young man called Aris at the mystical standing stones close to where she lives, though, she soon finds out that magic comes in many shapes and sizes...Contains strong language, scenes of a graphic sexual nature and moderate violence.***This book is part of the Tamarei series and has elements and characters in it which ...
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