Lee Tobin McClain
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 210

This Christian romance novel features Bad Boone McDermitt, who's back in Pleasant Haven, Florida to help his troubled nephews ... not to romance the preacher’s daughter! But the handsome doctor sees a kindred spirit in restless, talented Abby Smith, and he’s drawn to her spirituality as much as to her beauty. The problem is, Boone doesn’t think he’s good enough for Abby, and a few small-minded church people agree. As for Abby, she must choose between a dutiful life with the clean-cut minister dear old dad’s chosen for her and the dangerous, passionate freedom Boone represents. It’ll take a lot of prayer and an assist from the Sacred Bond brothers to teach Boone and Abby that sometimes, the biggest risk is in not following your heart.Here's what readers are saying about this Christian romance novel:"The Bond series are excellent Christian romances that keep your attention ...
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5 stars from 139 ratings
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