C.J. Carlsen
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 96

Discover how to make money work for you so you don't have to.Imagine having your very own money tree growing in your backyard. Instead of regular leaves, money sprouts out of the branches. A tree entirely made of money growing in your back yard. You have access to this tree and no longer worry about money or work or anything else.All you have to do is walk up to this tree, grab a few dollars and head out on your way.You have freedom to do what you want.You are financially independent.You don't worry about working for the man or do things you don't want to you. Your money tree takes care of all of this for you.Need to buy groceries? Pluck off some twenties from your money tree.Need to get your car repaired? To the money tree.Want to go on vacation? Your money tree is your solution.When you have a money tree you no longer worry about the trials of daily life. A money tree will provide for ...
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