Tessa Kent
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 65

When Tessa moves to a small town in rural Georgia with her boyfriend Philip, she doesn't have grand expectations. To her, living in the heart of the south means hillbillies, hunting dogs and humidity. And Philip's not exactly behaving like Prince Charming anymore, either; he's making her second-guess everything about their life together. Enter the Small Town Swingers, a group of men and women who've found an intriguing way to entertain themselves--and each other--on the long, hot nights. While Philip's eager to join in the fun, Tessa's not sure about some of their rules . . until she encounters a mysterious man whose touch and whispered promises bring her more pleasure than she's ever known. Only problem is, she hasn't seen his face; he could be anyone. Tessa will have to play along with the Swingers to uncover the identity of the guy who rocked her world. On the way, she just might ...
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4 stars from 11 ratings
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