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*Includes pictures*Details Hitler's rise to the head of the Nazi party before the putsch*Explains how the putsch transpired and failed*Includes a bibliography for further reading*Includes a table of contents“You can see that what motivates us is neither self-conceit or self-interest, but only a burning desire to join the battle in this grave eleventh hour for our German Fatherland ... One last thing I can tell you. Either the German revolution begins tonight or we will all be dead by dawn!” - Hitler“I cannot remember in my entire life such a change in the attitude of a crowd in a few minutes, almost a few seconds ... Hitler had turned them inside out, as one turns a glove inside out, with a few sentences. It had almost something of hocus-pocus, or magic about it.” - Dr. Karl Alexander von MuellerIt is often claimed that Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany through democratic ...
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